Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Pot Plant Owl is alive, well & sitting on eggs. Our DSL line crashed,hence we have not been able to update you. Happenings: We watched the male bring the female a small snake (about 8 inches), which she slurped down like spagetti. This took place in the twilight on the neighbours roof. We noticed that the crows are flying past keeping an eye on the nest, but not harrassing her. They have been giving the male hell - chasing him from tree to tree trying to drive him away from the nest. He has been trying to stay within sight (50m) of the nest. He has now decided the best spot is on our perimeter wall against the gate into our drive. We walk past him within 2m to go in & out. He doesn't even watch us any more. I'll post some photos shortly.

Please someone see if they can get onto the web cam. I need to know if it works. I can get on via the internet but it appears no one else can.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oct 2009

I laid my first egg on the 4th Oct. Its now the 15th. I have 3 eggs that I am sitting on. Incubation takes around 28 - 30 days so nothing much will happen until the second week of Nov.