Thursday, April 28, 2011

28 April and the air is crisp...

Years ago, I decided to register a closed corporation for a business that I was running at the time. I tried unsuccessfully many times over to register a name for my c.c. Every time I submitted the application, the name was rejected because it was already in use, or it was too similar to another name. Finally, I came up with the perfect name and submitted it. The application was successful and I was in business. Oh yes, and the name of the c.c? Majestic Owl Trading!

This was a year before the owls first landed on our roof the night we moved into our newly-built home. This was four years before Pot Plant Owl surprised us with an egg in the pot plant one August evening. And this was seven years before I began writing to people all over the world about 'our' owls.

How this all began is a topic for speculation that I don't believe will ever end. I never knowingly attracted owls / owl memorabilia to me. I didn't have books on owls or stuffed toys in owl shapes.

Yet, I chose to have an owl in the name of my business. And a majestic owl at that - just like PPO.

My name, Tracy, means 'the battler' or 'the fighter'(not a particularly positive connotation). It is interesting to note that in Greek Mythology, my name is linked to Athena, Goddess of Athens. Amongst other things, Athena is known as the Protector of Owls, and sitting on her shoulder is a small owl.

So there you have it. A lot of coincidences and speculations, and all the other exciting stuff that goes with Life's mysteries.

We are planning to revamp 'Majestic Owl Trading' and are looking interesting things for people to get involved in. Watch this space.

A summary of the past weeks:

Pot Plant Owl and Pappa are frequent visitors to the balcony- although usually in the early mornings just before dawn breaks. PPO is still showing a lot of interest in the other pot plant. Autumn is setting in so I suspect that the owls will wait until after winter to make their minds up on the right nest.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pic - New Crib

Pic - Original nest

4 April and all is quiet on the home front...

Not much to report here. In the past few days, PPO and Pappa have made brief visits to the balcony but have not made a big mess of the soil on the floor. I'll upload pictures of the two pot plant nest choices today and you will see what I mean about a mess next to each one.

The weather is changing. This morning there is a bite in the air, as we head now into autumn. Here where we live, the air becomes drier and our hands and faces are smothered in moisturising creams, to avoid feeling like dried out prunes. Personally, I love this change of season when it is just cold enough to wrap up under a light blanket at night, but not too cold that one freezes.

I'm sure the garden birds also appreciate weather like this, because our summer days can really get hot.