Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

From us all in 'Pot Plant Owl' land, I'd like to wish you all a very Blessed Festive Season and Happy Holidays.

Our owl family have been very active in the immediate area, over the past few days. We've seen both chicks hissing and bopping their heads - Timka, of course, is the loudest.

It's a wonderful Christmas gift to see how healthy they are, and to know they are doing well.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

PPO Family Sighting - 15 December

19h15 Central African Time: Do you ever get that nagging 'feeling' that you need to stop whatever you are doing, and move to another spot, or do something else? It happens to me a lot.

Sometimes it occurs when I am right in the middle of doing something I enjoy, and the 'disruption' confuses me. An inner monologue ensues of "No, I want to carry on with..." counter-argued with "but you should do this or that now". Inevitably, the nagging 'feeling' wins, and I stop what I am doing and move on.

This happened last night while reading a riveting book. I eventually put my book down and 'followed the feeling' upstairs, and out onto the balcony. And lo and behold, my nagging 'feeling' was right on the mark.

There, standing in all her splendid glory, was Pot Plant Owl on the rooftop right next to ours. Standing on the balcony, I could hear Pappa hooting in the distance. I stood watching PPO and softly talking to her. It was my first opportunity to chat to her about her award, and what it means. She seemed to listen to me for a while - probably thinking 'What are you doing on MY balcony?'

After ten minutes went by, I wanted to leave her in peace, and again, the nagging 'feeling' kept me standing on the balcony watching. As soon as I resolved to remain on the balcony until PPO left, not one, not two, but three owls flew past me, past PPO on the rooftop and down into the wetland. Pappa, Merlin and Timka did a fly-by to say hello.

It was magical watching the two chicks, led by their strong hunter father. They fly with ease now, and if I didn't know any better, I would have assumed I had watched three adult owls fly past.

As soon as they flew past PPO, she turned her head, and watched them fly into the wetland. Shortly after, she too flew off the rooftop to hunt.

So my advice?

Listen to your nagging 'feelings', your 'intuition', your 'sixth sense' your 'inner voice'or whatever label you see fit to use.

You are guaranteed to experience something of benefit to you.

I certainly did!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Press Release for PPO's Award

I've been asked to include a Press Release for Pot Plan Owl's Award win. It will be posted shortly under "Eco Angels" on our website -

Update on PPO's wetland

The day we received the wonderful news about Pot Plant Owl's "Lady Gray'l Award", we also received an email from the Government Department who will be deciding on the proposed development on the wetland site - Pappa's hunting ground.

We are meeting the decision maker on site this Monday morning - 12th December.

Fingers crossed that the original decision will be upheld, and the delineated wetland is protected!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pot Plant Owl wins International Owl Award

07 Dec 2012:
I have just received wonderful news!

We have just heard that Pot Plant Owl has won the Lady Gray'l Award. This is an award given out at the International Owl Festival in March every year in Houston, Minnesota. This is what the award is for:

The Lady Gray'l Award is named after a Great Gray Owl who was hatched in 1984. Thanks to caring biologists with an interesting plan, that same owl who would have starved as the runt of the brood. Lady Gray'l spent a 21-year career touching the lives of untold thousands of people and giving researchers new insights into the life of the Great Gray Owl. Lady Gray'l spent nearly her entire lifetime living and working with Dr. Bob Nero, raising money for owl research through their hundreds of school visits and day-long stints in malls. Thanks to Gray'l, Great Gray Owls were plucked from relative obscurity to become the provincial bird of Manitoba. Lady Gray'l flew from this world on October 13, 2005, and this award was established to honor her accomplishments by recognizing other owls following in her footsteps.

Pot Plant Owl and her family hold a very special place in our hearts. She has done so much in our lives, and it's amazing to know that 'her' reach is now worldwide - enough for her to win a special International Owl of the Year award.

The Pot Plant Owl story has reached thousands of people around the globe, instilling in them an awareness, not only about owls, but about garden birds and Nature in general too. Thanks to our sweet Pot Plant Owl, the PPO Facebook page and Africam's webcam have brought joy to thousands of people daily. The PPO webcam was followed in schools as part of a set curriculum. The wetland where PPO hunts has been saved (to date) from development with a 28 000 strong petition, and PPO campaigns to save ALL wetlands in South Africa. PPO is now publicising the plight of the Pels Fishing Owl, whose breeding sites in the southern Kruger Park are threatened by a hotel development.

I speak on behalf of Pot Plant Owl when I say a huge big THANK YOU for this award. I look forward to receiving the award in Houston, Minnesota on PPO's behalf. (Regret, she can't personally attend due to family commitments, but has asked me to accept the award for her).

To USA PPO fans - hope to see you at the 'International Festival of Owls' in March next year!