Monday, January 21, 2013

Family together

Not a good picture but shows the whole family together.

Pappa is to the left of the satellite dish.

Azizi is directly below the satellite dish on a smaller roof.

PPO is on the top roof - on the right hand side.

Azizi's wings

Last night we caught a glimpse of a superb flying effort by Azizi. Our chick flew straight across the road and landed on a complex wall nearby. Half an hour later, Azizi flew back to our complex - this time, landing in the neighbour's garden. For a while after the great flying show, we heard Azizi's loud hissing calls - begging for food from its parents.

PPO and Pappa obliged with some food deliveries that we spotted in the dark. At one point, we thought we saw Azizi on a rooftop. The owl on the roof looked small and didn't have quite the same silhouette as PPO and Pappa usually do. A second or two passed before the owl flew off the roof, and headed back over the road.

The neighbour's garden became quiet - no hissing at all. PPO and Pappa weren't around either so we suspect that our gut feel was correct - it was Azizi on the rooftop, and our chick really did fly!

Our suspicions were confirmed early this morning when we woke to see three owls flying from rooftop to rooftop. The owls were heading in the direction of their usual roosting spot (where Pappa sleeps when PPO is here with us).

We took a walk around the neighbourhood but couldn't locate the owls. This is wonderful news because it indicates that Azizi is strong enough to fly onto a wall or into a tree to protect itself.

Well done PPO and Pappa - you raised a wonderful, healthy chick!

To dear Azizi: we know that you are in excellent hands and have wonderful, caring parents. Make them proud as you find your own way through this special thing that we call Life.

We will miss you!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

20 Jan and Azizi leaves the balcony!

Azizi has taken its 'maiden' flight and left the balcony. Despite heavy downpours over the last 24 hours (which I thought may delay our chick), Azizi took off and left the comfort of the balcony nest.

Before going to bed last night, Azizi stood on the 'Pilot's wall' - a wall commonly used by chicks for wing-flapping practice. As this wall is still above ground, it is close enough to the balcony for chicks to scramble back up to the nest.

Azizi must have flown off the Pilot's wall sometime in the wee hours of this morning.

I woke early this morning to check on our chick and couldn't find it anywhere. After searching the neighbouring gardens, I eventually found the chick on the wall in our garden - tucked away behind a big bush.

I suspect PPO is also somewhere in the thick of the bush because I've just heard the garden birds kick up a fuss in that area of the garden. PPO is a lot harder to spot because she gets right into the bush and high up, and I don't want to get too near to Azizi.

So far, so good for Azizi. We will keep a watch in case it decides to move today. And this evening, we'll be ready to assist the chick should it get into any kind of mischief.

Fingers crossed!

Friday, January 18, 2013

16 January and we're staying put...

It seems Azizi is quite happy with balcony life.

Our chick has its own personal space to explore to its hearts content. Food is delivered at regular intervals (although I'm sure there are times when Azizi feels that food deliveries could increase). And Azizi has a fabulous view of its surrounds, and soon-to-be hunting ground. With all of this, why would Azizi leave?

Personally, I am thankful that we have a chick this year prepared to wait a bit, before tumbling off the balcony. Other chicks in the past have taken the leap of faith long before they were as competant as Azizi appears to be, and they have ended up in all sorts of bother.

We might even find a situation this year of our Azizi being 'forced' to leave by its parents of the chick looks to be settling down too much on the balcony.

Till then, we enjoy every day!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Azizi on the balcony floor with the parrot's jungle gym. The chick fell off the gym and 'reprimanded' the gym by beak snapping.

14 January and someone put on the brakes...

I'm going grey overnight. Last night our dear sweet stinker chick, Azizi, flew straight from the nest to the table on our balcony. It then flew perfectly from the table to the balcony pillar, and back again. It continued flying short bursts until Azizi found itself in the old pot plant nest. A few minutes later, the chick was on the other balcony pillar and out of cam sight. I then had to check frequently that our chick was still on the pillar, and hadn't fallen into the garden, or worse still, the neighbour's driveway.

Things haven't changed much today. I thought Azizi would be tuckered out from all the activity last night, but I'm proven wrong - yet once again.

Azizi's antics today began early. First it stood on the lip of the pot preening itself and looking around for something to 'attack'. Then it tried hopping into the nest, fighting with the leaves and branches as it forced its tail feathers into the pot (the chick was head-standing trying to squeeze its way in). The chick soon hopped on the floor and spied the parrot's jungle gym. Azizi tried to land on the gym - unsuccessfully - and 'beak snapped' the parrot's gym - telling the gym off for causing its fall. Finally, our stinker flopped face-down onto the floor of the balcony next to the pot plant nest, and fell asleep.

I'm exhausted just watching Azizi...

Friday, January 11, 2013

11 January and there's trouble brewing...

Azizi is charging around like there's no tomorrow.

Last night our chick jumped, hopped, pounced, 'flew' (well, flapped its wings in real likeness) and caused me much anxiety by insisting on standing on the balcony railing in the strong wind.

Tonight, it's PPO's turn to stand on the balcony railing, as a big storm approaches. I hope our little Azizi doesn't get any ideas to join its mom.

I guess one can't blame Azizi for exploring. After all, there's lots this chick hasto learn before making its own way out in the 'real' world. And let's face it - who can get upset with this...