Friday, February 3, 2012

Our family visits

Sat 28 Jan: In the early hours of this morning, I heard Pappa hooting on the balcony. I peeped through the curtains and saw him in the pot plant - shuffling his feet and hooting, and looking at PPO on the far side of the balcony. She caught sight of me, and flew off to the neighbour's roof, and Pappa followed.
Just before I turned away from the window, I heard the familiar hiss of the chicks. I l...ooked at the pot plant and the first chick flew in, and landed in the pot. The second chick flew in and landed on the balcony pillar behind the pot.
For about 5 minutes, I watched as the chicks took it in turns to jump into the pot and scratch around in the soil - almost like chickens. When they had enough, the flew to one of the pillars and looked out over the wetland.
I can't tell the difference in the two chicks from appearance anymore. One is still a lot more vocal and continued to beg for food, while looking towards PPO and Pappa.
The parents flew off to roost, leaving the chicks on the balcony for a few more minutes. Eventually, they too, flew away to sleep.
I'm thrilled to have seen the entire family, and to know that they are safe and sound, and doing well.