Tuesday, July 26, 2011

26 July and we are getting closer...

As I write this entry, Pappa is on the balcony pillar sounding his mating hoots. It's just before 6pm and the sun is just going down now. In the distance, I hear Pot Plant Owl's return hoots, letting Pappa know she's on her way.

We're preparing for their imminent return. The 'hide' items are out (the stuff we put on the glass sliding door for owl / human privacy). Africam is ready to go with a fancy webcam that should provide greater viewing and hopefully better angles.

We're also in the process of revamping the PPO website, so watch this space.

Any day now we should be greeted by an owl sitting in a pot plant when we wake up...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

13 July and Pappa is getting anxious

Pappa is as excited as kids on an Easter Egg hunt. He can't wait to be the first on the balcony every evening - often before the sun has set. As soon as he lands on the railing, he begins an animated mating call. Pappa's white spot on his throat balloons out as he punctuates the early evening with his excited calls. He stands close to the far nest pot and looks in - as if expecting something to be there, or to happen, when he does.

We've seen this behaviour before. The pre-mating / breeding season excitement building. Before long, we will see more of Pot Plant Owl in the immediate area. Pappa will do the hunting for them both, while Pot Plant Owl remains close to the nest, expending as little energy as possible.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Wetland Decision Appealed - 1 July

It's official. The developer has issued a Notice of Intent to Appeal the decision that's denied him the rights to build on the wetland. We assumed that this would happen, but of course, it is sad that it's official.

However, we believe that the institute that handed down the decision will honour that decision again.

In the interim, it's worthwhile remembering that despite the drawn out procedure of the appeal (a 40-day period for review of the appeal that runs into September), the environmental laws of our country remain on our side.

Will keep you updated.