Monday, June 27, 2011


Today marks an historic occasion. We've just heard that the application for development on the wetland that we've worked hard to protect, has been turned down by the Government (Gauteng) authorities.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone in South Africa and around the world who signed our petition to save the wetland. 27 000+ voices cannot go unheard.
Thank you to those people who gave of their time to assist us in getting information about our environmental laws in this country.
Thank you to the Gauteng decision makers for recognising the laws of our country that protect sensitive eco systems such as wetlands.
Thank you to the media for giving us 'little people' a voice.
Thank you to the eco-warriors (I prefer the term 'Eco Angels') that do this work to help Nature tirelessly.

We didn't have the money to hire top-notch lawyers to pour over Acts, and make a case. We had to do this ourselves. From our many hours of reading and studying, we have compiled documents for people who are in a similar situation - trying to do their best to protect our natural environment.

We are not against development in general. That is why we have never criticised the developer in question about other developments he has less than a kilometre away from the wetland site. We are in favour of keeping sensitive natural sites such as wetlands, protected granite ridges etc in their natural state.

The documents that will assist you in protecting other sensitive areas from development will be made available soon on a new website I am launching. Full details to follow.

Again, thank you to everyone.

The developer may well appeal the decision, and we will monitor and update you accordingly. For now, we are happy with the decision that has been reached by the authorities.

And lastly, a thanks to Pot Plant Owl. For if she never decided to lay her eggs in our pot plant, we may have been oblivious to the impact a proposed development would have on their hunting ground.

With peace and love


  1. This is the most wonderful news, Tracy. Congratulations on a well-fought battle. Thank you for working so hard, both of you, to save this treasured part of your landscape, and thanks for the support you will be giving to all those who try to save their own "precious spots". This
    was a monumental struggle between a Goliath and a David. Three cheers for PPO who inspired you to fight it. Helen in Canada

  2. This is such great news! :D I almost can't believe what I'm reading! Congratulations!!!! I know the battle hasn't been won yet, but I'll keep my fingers crossed, and I hope the developer won't appeal.
    I've been thinking about you all, when we were on our trip in SA in May. I understood the battle you were fighting already, but after having been in your beautiful country, I understand even better.
    This needs a celebration. I poured myself an Amarula and say "cheers!" to you, Alan, PPO and her family. This day turned out even better than it already was. :D

  3. Tracy, Alan, PPO and All,

    People need to understand that when a battle such as this is won, no matter where we live, we all win! The Earth is a very small place and it needs all the protection it can get.

    Thank you so much for waging this battle on behalf of all the critters this land will save!

    Best Wishes to you!!
    juile/aka LoveYourDNA

  4. This is amazing! Thanks for the update! You all work on this labor of love for so long and I am so pleased to hear the authorities listened and did the right thing! Hats off to you all!! PPO and family will have a wonderful place to live and grow along with hundreds of other species thanks to you!

    Look forward to hearing more!

  5. Just passing on a message from Fi in London, UK:
    Congratulations Tracy and Allan and Well Done to PPO and Papa for nesting in your plant pot., I am so happy and I cant wait to see you all. Fi xx

    Many Thanks

    Fi x :)

  6. GREAT NEWS!!!
    I'm so happy! :D :D :D
    It was time.



  7. Thanks for the news of your success. As you say, the situation will require continued monitoring but those of us who signed the petition will be available to help. I visited SA long ago - 1983 - but I'm glad to still have a connection to the the country thru your blog. Thanks again for all you do. Claudia in Minnesota, USA

  8. WOW - I'm so very excited to read your news Tracy. PPO has become another symbol in the fight to save the remaining habitat and an ambassador for her species. Thanks to you and Alan for sharing PPO with all of us, and waging the battle to save their hunting grounds. We can celebrate now, but remain vigilant in our commitment to continue to keep this area free from future development. Looking forward to your updates and the next clutch, when PPO is ready! Take care, Ann in California, USA

  9. Such wonderful news! Congratulations and thank you Tracy and Allan for your efforts. PPO and Pappa owe you some special "treats" ....would you prefer king cricket or small mice??? :) I'll supply the wine(not sure if red or white would be appropriate....any suggestions p~~
    Robin/Bigsis USA PA

  10. Congratulations!!!! I know you didn't choose any of this, and many others would not have accepted the "responsibility," or what I would like to call "opportunity," given them to care for an owl family and protect their environs, so thank you for what you do. It just shows how caring you both are as beings on this earth. I can't wait to see what happens next!

  11. Congratulations for a well done battle. I do hope the developer doesn't appeal. There are many places around the world that have given in to this type of thing to the detriment of everyone-animal and human alike. Animals need those open spaces and humans do too-I can't tell you how many times I've enjoyed looking out over undeveloped land and seeing the birds, bunnies and other creatures and feeling a sense of peace. Thank you for being the focal point in this fight.