Friday, July 1, 2011

Wetland Decision Appealed - 1 July

It's official. The developer has issued a Notice of Intent to Appeal the decision that's denied him the rights to build on the wetland. We assumed that this would happen, but of course, it is sad that it's official.

However, we believe that the institute that handed down the decision will honour that decision again.

In the interim, it's worthwhile remembering that despite the drawn out procedure of the appeal (a 40-day period for review of the appeal that runs into September), the environmental laws of our country remain on our side.

Will keep you updated.


  1. This is too bad. I'm not surprised they appealed, it was to be expected, unfortunately. :( I'll keep my fingers crossed, and hope for a positive outcome.

  2. The appeal was to be expected but I remain confident that the S. African environmental laws will keep the original decision intact. I'm happy that PPO and Pappa came to thank you for all your hard work. Looks as if they are confident of a positive outcome, too!

  3. I am so hopeful that the wetlands will remain a building free zone.
    I am just thrilled you have seen and heard Pappa... Love and positive energy your way.