Friday, December 9, 2011

Update on PPO's wetland

The day we received the wonderful news about Pot Plant Owl's "Lady Gray'l Award", we also received an email from the Government Department who will be deciding on the proposed development on the wetland site - Pappa's hunting ground.

We are meeting the decision maker on site this Monday morning - 12th December.

Fingers crossed that the original decision will be upheld, and the delineated wetland is protected!


  1. Fingers crossed! How could they not protect the wetland? I know that immediate economic considerations often "win" over nature protection; that's happened far too frequently all over the world. Maybe this time, protection of wetlands will come out on top! Hope so!

  2. Ledt's hope that the extra publicity from the international award will ensure the wetlands are saved. We'll be thinking of you tomorrow :-)