Sunday, August 12, 2012

07 August and it's snowing

We have snow. While it may not be the thick white blanket typical of northern hemisphere winters, it is certainly enough to say that it is well-and-truly snowing in Johannesburg. Pot Plant Owl and Pappa are nowhere to be seen. I suspect that the shock of having a truly cold spell just as they begin to prepare for another breeding season has forced them to hide from the biting wind and snowflakes. Snow! Who would have thought!


  1. Greetings and well, welcome to Buffalo, LOL! I bet Destin enjoyed romping in it?

  2. Snow can be fabulous. Everything looks clean and its so quiet, for a while.
    I'm just an old romantic.

  3. I got a big kick out of the coverage on SABC! They kept talking about how *cold it was in Jo'burg. I was in PE where it was merely wet--and definitely colder than last winter there (not here, since I live north of Buffalo by some good bit! Of course, they do have lake effect snow.) Missing SA big time. Next time, maybe we'll be able to spend some time in Jozy! Looking forward to seeing PPO and Pappa!