Monday, October 1, 2012

1 October and any day now...

It's almost time for our little chicks to appear and all is going well. So much so, that I wonder if this will be 'the' year - the year of well-behaved chicks.

Chicks that instinctively know not to climb onto balcony pillars before they are ready.
Chicks that listen to the hoots of their parents, and know when to follow the hoots, and when to stay put.
Chicks that learn to 'crawl' before they walk, instead of believing that they can imitate their parents on the first day of flying (and end up in all sorts of trouble).
Chicks that can tell the difference between a safe place (our balcony) and a no-go area (between two electric fences).
Chicks that play with the toys we give them (the shoe, the owl box, the wooden perches) instead of making up their own games(Follow-the-leader-even-if-you-aren't-ready).
Chicks that, when realising that they have 'messed up' and are getting rescued from some kind of trouble, don't then call the protective parents to bombard the rescuer.

Yes, we can all dream - can't we?


  1. I wouldn't hold your breath Tracy, lol. BTW we have published the hatch date predictions in my Blog here I borrowed a pic from your blog with credit to you and Allan, Hope you don't mind. I will remove it if you wish.

  2. New subscriber to your site and blog today from San Francisco CA. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for setting up the web cam and blog and petition and for your commitment to these owls. My name is Diane, found out about your site from osprey sites on Facebook now that North America & European ospreys have migrated south. Wishing you every success in defeating the developers. I am looking forward to following Pot Plant Owl and family and your cause. T

  3. Thanks for zooming in!!! No pipping yet. . at least from the part of the eggs I could see . .If incubation averages 32 days, then maybe a hatch this weekend?. . Hopefully!!! Love watching and listening. . thanks so much for providing the cam!!!