Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday 29 August

It's getting warmer now and the new tree isn't providing much shade. Al and I decide to 'make' more shade for her. We cut branches off trees downstairs, tied them together, and decided to secure them close to the nest for extra shade during the day.

The problem, of course, is getting the owls to agree to us working close to the nest.

No sooner have we opened the balcony door, Pappa is there - sitting directly above our heads on the roof. He stares at us, and then at his eggs in the nest. I look up at him and talk softly to him, then look away again - as a sign of non-aggression. Al doesn't think we should try to secure the branches, but I sense that Pappa won't attack us.

Under the protection of an umbrella, we edge out onto the balcony, taking the branches with us. We watch Pappa closely but he doesn't seem too concerned when he sees what we are doing. It only takes a minute to secure the branches, but feels like much longer.

Pot Plant Owl is spitting that we are working near her nest. She flies around in an angry / flustered state - probably also upset that Pappa didn't attack us when he was right there. Still, she calms down as soon as we close the balcony door. Within a few minutes, she flies back to her nest to check on everything.

We'll see tomorrow if the branches help her.

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