Friday, February 4, 2011

4th February - and the waiting is so long....

It's been ages since we saw Pot Plant Owl and her family, and I'm starting to get withdrawal symptoms. We've seen Pappa once and heard him more regularly - hooting far in the distance. This is the same pattern that we've witnessed for the past three years, but it never makes it any easier to sit back and wait.

We're still doing talks about 'our' owls, which is keeping me going. And then there's the school books project which I need to sink my teeth into for 2011.

And then there's the Save-the-Wetland petition. Please don't forget about that - we are just short of 3 000 signatures, but we have done so well. Thanks to everyone that has signed up and commented. Here is the link again:

I'm thrilled to report that the wetland under the development threat, is looking green and lush again - thanks to unseasonally heavy rains for a few months now. When I hear people around me complain, I remind myself that the rains are assisting with the regeneration of the wetland, This, in turn, will keep the owls' territory and we won't see 'our' owls lose their habitat. The rain is a lot to be thankful for.

I'm reminded each day of the importance of finding ones own passion in Life - that one thing that puts a smile on your face and in your heart, on even the most difficult of days. I'm lucky to have found mine - what about you?


  1. Hi Tracey and Allan, just wanted to let you know that we have new baby barn owls hatching all over California. I keep the picture of Teeny sitting on the shoe as by background on both computers so I see these precious babies first thing and several times during the day. Thank you so much for the updates. I check each day hoping for more. Much love to you and Allen and hope that old rat is history. Bye. PattiinVA

  2. Tracey, I always look forward to reading your blog. I often look back in the previous posts and look at the photos of Teeny, Jelani, Indie, PPO and Pappa. I'm happy to know that you are hearing Pappa from time to time. The chicks must be almost grown-up owls now, hunting out in the wetland. BTW, I have a cat that when she wears a certain expression, she bears a strong resemblance to Pappa. It always makes me smile:-)
    Janet aka LandofAnne.

  3. Tracy and Alan: I haven't checked your site since Christmas. We were busy making plans to spend the winter in California to be near our daughter, and here we are now in the San Diego area, enjoying a warm winter. We arrived Jan. 10.

    I miss you AND your balcony. I love the sounds of So. Africa and look forward to your owls raising another family in the pot plant.

    I wanted to tell you that I ordered a Bumbo? baby seat at Christmas for my little niece, and when it came, the print on the box said it was made in Johannesburg, So. Africa. :)

    If you get lonely, come see us at one of the barn owl sites on Bonnie and Clyde, Mel and Syd, Willow and Bear, Buddy and Fluffy. It's crazy and all consuming watching and fretting over these little creatures. The eggs are hatching now. It would be great fun to talk to you again.

    xo Jude (owlsitgoin)

  4. Tracy, I sure need a Teeny, Indie, Jeli fix, if you understand what I am saying. I talk to Teeny each morning when I start my computer (shes by background photo sitting on shoe). How much longer before you think PPO will return to the plant? Love watching our barn owls here in USA but, alas, I MISS PPO. Love you guys, hope someday we can meet. Bye for now pattiinVA

  5. Tracy and Alan: I sent the petition info out to friends and family yesterday. This morning I contacted Defenders of Wildlife in the U.S. They support causes internationally as well.

    I'm hoping to see the 30,000 signature tally on the petition site any day now. :)

  6. Hi Tracie, definitely understand your withdrawal! Maybe visiting Mel & Sydney would help, first baby, Matilda was born last night.

  7. Hello Beautiful Owl People!

    If you're in need of a fix until your owls return, please come and visit us over and Mel and Sydney's owl box. Baby Matilda was just born yesterday! The camera is hi-def, so the viewing is spectacular!! The Molly and McGee fans migrated to your site after they all left. I hope you have seen Mama and Papa recently and they will nest on your lovely patio again this year. I also hope the Wetland Petition has helped the cause.

    Here' the link. Please say hello to us if you visit..

    best to you always,

  8. Hi Tracy and Allan, I wanted to tell you that I have mass mailed the petition to many wildlife friends tonight. I do hope this helps. Keep us posted and cant wait to see the owls and hear about them from you too!! I don't know which I miss more:)

  9. Tracey and Allan,
    We are still locked in the grips of winter here-snowing like crazy this morning. I am sending mental messages to your owls to come back soon we need something exciting to look forward to! We hope you are getting lots of rest in preparation for your foster parenting duties!! Blessings!!