Tuesday, March 22, 2011

22 March - and we have activity...

Back again, and Hi All!

After a long wait, and not much to report, I can finally begin again to provide more regular updates on Pot Plant Owl and Pappa. For weeks, we've been monitoring the skies and rooftops - occasionally seeing one or both of the owls. But it hasn't been until this past couple of weeks that we have had lengthy visits to the balcony.

Here's what been happening...

In typical female fashion, PPO has decided to do a spot of 'home redecorating'. In her infinite wisdom (she is an owl, after all), she has decided to prepare not one, but two, pot plants for her nest. A few times we have woken to find soil on the balcony floor by both pot plants, and there's been a distinct scraping in both pot plants. She seems to be preparing her original nest, and the far pot plant, that is closest to the webcam from last season.

Why PPO is doing this, only she can answer!
Has this happened before? No, but there's always a first time as we are learning.
Do we think she'll choose the other pot plant as her nest? Honestly can't say at this point. It appears to be the one she is favouring based on the size of the scraping.

Personally, I'd be happy if she stayed with the same pot plant. It is further away from the neighbour's driveway and a new swimming pool, which may present problems for little inquisitive chicks.


  1. Tracy, how nice to hear from you. I have been checking your blog every few days for news and this is just what I've been hoping for! I look forward to more regular posts as things begin to happen and watching the webcam again with you and other wonderful PPO fans!!!

  2. Hi Tracey..Ive been checking each day and today what a wonderful surprise to see you have posted. Thank You so much. I have missed hearing from you two so much. You are like family to me. So thrilled to hear that our dear PPO has "come back home to nest". She knows a good home when she finds one. Wish we all knew how our precious Teeney is doing. Guess that little sweet soul is making a new life for his/her self now, but she will always be our little Teeney. I know the other two are doing great. OK, now, dont wait so long before touching base with us. Take pics and post, now listen to me, (ha ha ha) I have really missed you two so much. OK hugs and kisses to you both. Will anxiously await your next posting.

  3. Hello Tracy.

    It is nice hearing from you. Thank you for the latest happenings with PPO.

  4. Thanks for the update Tracy. I also check in periodically to see if there is news of the PPO family ;)

  5. Hi Tracy! Thanks for the update on PPO and Pappa! It is good to hear from you xx Bigsis

  6. Good Morning from a rainy Bay Area (CA)!

    Nice to hear the owls have come back to roost on your balcony!! Might I suggest some ear plugs LOL!! Can't wait to see what unfolds in the next few days and weeks...

    Julie aka LoveYourDNA

  7. Hi Tracy! It's so good to hear that things are coming along well...looking forward to another season of PPO, Papa and new babies! I can hardly wait!!! Sorry you're losing sleep tho! ;)

    Ronni - Paphappy

  8. HI, Tracy! So sorry that you aren't getting much sleep, the price you pay, I guess, for that rare privilege of having PPO and her mate take over your balcony and provide the world with a lookout for their lovely baby owlets. I hope things go well, that PPO chooses the pot away from the swimming pool (swimming owlets?) and that you get some decent sleeps. Keep well, and keep us posted. All the best

  9. Hi Tracy,
    Wow - I was just struck with a very unexpected feeling of...hmmm, not really sadness, but a longing to know how Jelani, Indie and Teeney are faring.It's so good to see activity on your blog and to read about the activity on your balcony, though. Sorry about the sleep thing *smile*
    Do you think this experience could ever grow old? I mean, considering the sleepless hours, the sacrifice of your balcony, and the inherent worry that comes with watching these new lives flourish and grow? It seems you and Allan are the chosen ones...at least through PPO's eyes. That's pretty special in my book <3

  10. You're back and they're back! Hooray