Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4 April and all is quiet on the home front...

Not much to report here. In the past few days, PPO and Pappa have made brief visits to the balcony but have not made a big mess of the soil on the floor. I'll upload pictures of the two pot plant nest choices today and you will see what I mean about a mess next to each one.

The weather is changing. This morning there is a bite in the air, as we head now into autumn. Here where we live, the air becomes drier and our hands and faces are smothered in moisturising creams, to avoid feeling like dried out prunes. Personally, I love this change of season when it is just cold enough to wrap up under a light blanket at night, but not too cold that one freezes.

I'm sure the garden birds also appreciate weather like this, because our summer days can really get hot.


  1. Great to see the updates Tracy and Allan.

  2. Can hardly wait to see the owls agin this year. Thanks for all your postings.. Will check in ofton now for updates.

  3. Tracy, i think they have picked a lovely new home, if that is where they decide to stay. All that nice greenery! But you'll have to put up a little sign which says "No swimming, owls"!

    Glad your nights are getting cooler. That does make for better sleeping.

    Take care of yourselves, and please let us know if you hear any more about the wetlands.