Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday 13 December

We've had a whole week of persistent thunderstorms - both day and night. The garden plants and trees have grown inches in this time, and everything is looking green and lush. Even the wetland seems to be working hard at repairing itself. Reed beds are thickening, and new branches are sprouting from the tree stumps that were left untreated by the developer. It's a time for renewal and growth, which brings hope to our owl family and the wetland.

With the constant rainfall, we haven't been out of the house to see if the owls are around. Earlier this evening, one chicks flew right past our lounge window, and flew to the roof of the neighbour's house. I watched it for a while, while it stood on the rooftop - its skinny white legs elongating as the chick stretched up, looking towards the wetland. Something caught its eye, and the chick immediately flew to the wetland, presumably to hunt. I didn't see any other owls.


  1. Awe, skinny chick legs, how sweet to see. It has been pouring here for a day or two of late, but it's a cold rain with lots of wind. Not a renewing rain like yours. Stay dry, and thank you for the news of the chick sighting.

  2. BTW, how are the fish doing? And the Pot Plant, is it starting to revive?

  3. and the parrots. Hope they are well too

  4. So pleased to hear that all seems to be good with the 'family!' This is my first time writing so want to say what joy was experienced watching the Pot Plant family. What an amazing journey for the owls and for the humans who watched, hoped, encouraged and cheered, and then shed tears when it was time for the chicks to fledge! Thank you for providing this amazing opportunity. Good Luck with the petition. I signed today and plan to forward the info to all my friends and family. Thank you again!

  5. Thank you again, Tracy!
    So good to hear you could spot a chick!
    And nature is healing the green in the wetland.
    Nature is mighty and wonderful..

  6. lol I would love to see a pic of those "skinny white legs" and the neck stretching of the young owl. I bet it was a great sight to see! :-)

  7. Hi All

    Thanks for your comments. The skinny white legs are precious to watch - will never get tired of them.

    The plant is doing well - although possibly getting too much water with this rainfall we are getting now. It buckets down most of the time. Everything is now saturated. I do think the plant will survive though, and be there for next year.

    Our parrots and dear fish are doing well. The parrots are as noisy, demanding and lovely as ever. We finally got the tank water sorted out - after receiving just shocking advice from a pet store. We were new to the fish tank experience and unfortunately lost 2 fish in the 3rd week. Needless to say, I got very upset - nothing is allowed to get injured or die on my watch. Thankfully, we found a wonderful fish expert whose advice not only saved the other fish, and made them very happy, but also has our tank looking pristine with near perfect scores on water testing. We've got new fish and they are all well. Nice to have this just when the owls left us.