Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wed 15 December

Rain, rain go away and come again another day!

Actually no, I love the rain and it works miracles in Nature - especially in arid Africa - so I don't wish the rain away. In fact, I just loved heading out early evening for a run. The rain just started falling again when I was on my way back home. There's nothing like getting caught in the rain, and resigning yourself to getting wet - and enjoying it.

It is absolutely torrential rain out there now. I doubt the owls are even heading out to hunt yet, although they will have to wait a long time for the rain to subside. Weather forecast predicts heavy rain in our region for another 24 hours.


  1. Tracy.
    I think I would rather have torrential rain than the snow they have predicted for here in UK in the next 24hours.
    Terrible cold weather coming from the Arctic and a lot of snow for quite a lot of Great Britain within the next 24hours or less. Scotland most probably has it as I type and N Wales! :-(

  2. It is lovely to check your web site and find updates! The rain is surely a blessing, but it seems to always come in buckets or none comes for far too long. I'll miss being in South Africa this festive season because I fell in love with your beautiful country when I was there last year/early this year. I'll be back, though, either in February or May. We've had a LOT of snow in Northern New York, and we're getting more now, more predicted for the next several days. . . and it won't get all the way up to 0 as far as the forecast goes. We'll definitely have a white Christmas!

    Glad to hear, also, that you see the owls at least sometimes! And that your fish and parrots are thriving! Live well~

  3. Tracy, I remember seeing a photo of the owlets sitting in their little nest in the rain, and looking so bedraggled. I guess that's the way life for all of nature's creatures unless they have holes or dens, and owls have neither. What will they do for food if they cannot hunt?

    At least it isn't snow!

  4. Always so glad to hear from You, Tracy! :)
    Good your fish and parrots are doing so well.

    Definitely a white Christmas everywhere, also in Italy!!!

  5. Tracy, so wonderful to read up on the happenings of you and your extended family the owls :) thank you for keeping us in mind. I think of the little darlings each and every day!