Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday 12 December

Thanks all for your welcome back messages. I visited family in Switzerland, which was stunning, but it's always good to be home.

Our petition hasn't reached its goal yet of 30 000 signatures. At the moment, we are sitting on 26 600 - 3 400 left to go. Anyone who has not signed the petition yet, please do so using the link below. And thank you again to all the people who have already signed, and passed the link on to friends and family to sign too. Here is the link:

One of the major newspapers in Johannesburg (The Saturday Star) ran an article in Saturday's paper, on our desire to save the wetland. After quotes and information from our side, the developer was quoted as saying:
" They (Allan and Tracy) are talking about Spotted Eagle Owls. They are the most common owl in South Africa, and will adapt"

While the developer is correct in saying that the Spotted Eagle Owl is one of the most common owls in South Africa, he fails to address the pertinent issue of the complaint we have against the development - that over 70% of the property is delineated wetland. Wetlands should be protected by Law in our country, and indeed, we do have laws that supposedly protect these sensitive ecosystems.

The developer failed to address the issue of all the other fauna and flora in the wetland which are not as 'common' as our owls - the Giant Bull Frog (currently on the Endangered Wildlife Trust's list of Highly Threatened Species); a red-listed data species of orchid found only in this area of the country (photographed as evidence of its existance); and sightings of grass owls (highly endangered in South Africa), amongst many other wetland species.

I hope that someone reading my blog, will pass on the above information to the developer for comment. I wonder how he will attempt to justify the 'adaptation' of our highly threatened species as listed above.

A 'common' species today, left unprotected and their fate in the hands of ignorant people, will be threatened tomorrow, and extinct before we know it.

On a sunnier note, we had a couple of sightings of the chicks this weekend - quick fly-bys, landing on a rooftop for a minute, and flying away again. They are still hissing, which is the only way now we can tell them apart from the adults. They are fully grown and from a distance, I can't see any fluff on them. Only in flight, is it easier to identify these little chicks who are still less graceful than their mom and dad. Still haven't seen Pot Plant Owl, but have heard Pappa hooting.

Will keep you updated.


  1. Thanks for the update on the chick's activities. I miss Pappa's whoo-hoo, it is such a lovely sound. I'll do my personal best to approach several nature lovers who I know and ask them to add their names to the petition.
    How frustrating to read about the lack of response to the wetland issue. I hate that when a question is asked and the responder circles around the issue. Sure, animals adapt if they can, but if their habitat completely disappears and the human response is not favourable toward the animal (perceived as pest or a threat) , then the animal cannot adapt. And those who cannot adapt simply disappear forever. The animal loses every time. Wetlands can also be adapted for human enjoyment and can be a value-added space for the developers. Everyone wins. I found the web site today for the Star and noticed that comments can be made on articles. If we can assist you in the future with words from our shrinking world, point us in the direction. LandofAnne, member, Team Teeny

  2. Thanks for this update, Tracy. I again sent out a message to all my FB friends, and asked them to sign the petition, if they didn't do it yet. How ignorant can people (i.c. the developers) be? It's so frustrating, it makes me cry. :'( I hope and pray for the best.

  3. Hi, Tracy - I've just made another push to promote the signing of the petition, so let's see if that will help a little.

    I'm glad you still see or hear our little family around your home. We all miss them terribly.

    Prayers are coming your way for the saving of the wetlands.

    ALl the best,

  4. Hi All

    Thanks for your comments Janet, Astrid and Helen. Always good chatting to you.

    And thanks for again pushing the wetland petition. Your efforts mean a lot to us and we appreciate it very much. I have no doubt we will reach our target before we submit the petition. Remember that we already achieved our initial target of 10 000 signatures thank to your efforts. We increased the target signatures so we are going for that target now.

  5. Hi Tracy,
    thank you for the updates, we all miss PPO and her family.
    About the petition, will try to involve more people than I did, my best. I'm sooo angry, even furious because there are always and everywhere people trying to defend such a bad, horrible thing with false words. They just think of money, the habitat of animals and the beauty of the world is NOT in their thoughts.
    The wetland petition must make it!

  6. Hi Tracy, Thanks for the information about the petition. If we all can get some more friends to reach out to their friends etc. that should help out a lot, and after what I just read, I am more anxious to get those names!! I was really appalled by what I read, and want to do whatever I can to help you reach your goals and exceed them. It sounds like the little owlets are grownup now!! I am glad you have had an opportunity to see them if only for a moment or two:). Take Care, and thank you so much for the updates. Lori