Wednesday, March 23, 2011

22 March and another sleepless night...

Last night PPO and Pappa visited us early in the evening. Pappa was very vocal - perhaps wanting to prove that this is his spot. After the first 30 minutes of constant loud hooting, I think everyone in the 'hood got the message. (To continue on for another 30 minutes, Pappa, was a bit much).

And just when we thought that the vocalisation early in the evening would translate to a quiet pre-dawn period, we were rudely woken by Pot Plant Owl on the balcony. She proceeded to scratch in the soil, and hoot, and scratch again in the soil. This pattern continued on for a long time - all the while I lay still with my eyes shut, trying to force sleep. Eventually I gave up, and lay awake listening to PPO's 'mutterings'.

The period we are going through at the moment happens every year. When the owl family leaves us for greener pastures, we have weeks, sometimes months, of quiet nights. Nothing disturbs our sleep, and certainly no owls. When the owls return to check on the balcony in the pre-mating season, we have to 'acclimatise' again to their noises and movements. At this time, sleep is fitful and hard to come by.

When we got up this morning, we were greeted by a fine mess on the balcony floor below both pot plants again.

I honestly wonder what she is up to...


  1. Finally - YAY!!! It has been a long, tough, Winter here in New England and there is nothing like an annoying Pappa's incessent hooting and a messy PPO's dual-pot scratching to herald in Spring! Sleep is overated...haha! It's wonderful to see your new postings and I can't wait to park myself on your balcony again and watch another miracle. (((( Tracy & Alan )))) and owl friends!

  2. I should send you some wax earplugs and a white noise machine! p~~

  3. Tracy, it's so good to hear from you again! :D I, too, am wondering what PPO is up to. I'm looking forward to hearing about PPO's and Papa's antics. :)

  4. Hi Tracy,
    It's so good to hear that Pot Plant Owl and Pappa have returned to claim *their* balcony. I can just hear the "whoos" and "whoo-hoos" through your words. Keep us posted on what pot plant she chooses. I wonder when she will make up her mind? Thanks for the post and the news.