Thursday, March 31, 2011

30 March

We woke this morning to find a mess on the balcony floor - this time around the other pot plant. It seems that Pot Plant Owl is not listening to any advice about using the 'Original' pot, and is going to do her own thing.

An update on the wetland that needs rehabilitating: The consultant hired by the developer to provide the Basic Assessment Report for the proposed development on this delineated wetland, has been reading my blog. In fact, my blog and the link to the petition that a lot of you signed, was mentioned by this consultant in the Basic Assessment Report(BAR).

This is all good news, because it shows to the consultant / the developer that we are not alone in being against developments in wetlands. The developer has another site he is developing less than 1km away from this wetland, and we have said nothing at all about it.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the BAR to be lodged at the Government Department that will make the decision to approve or reject the application. I believe the Government has a month to decide(?) and from there, we will see what happens next.

What is encouraging, is knowing that the consultant and perhaps even the developer and the rest of his project team, are taking the time to familiarise themselves with our website. What does this mean? That they are monitoring public opinion? That they are monitoring my ramblings in case I say something that they deem not to be accurate about them / the development?

Whatever the reason, I welcome you all to read, and perhaps learn from the responses given by many people, that developments have their place - but not in wetlands.


  1. I am happy to hear that there is a possibly that they will not be destroying your wetlands. Keep us informed...

  2. Oh Tracy, so great to hear from you with all the good news about the wetlands. I will keep praying the court makes the right decision. As for Miss PPO, she is like most of us females, independent in thought and action. Shes a female that definitely knows what she wants. Guess she thinks a "new" nest will be better for her future kids. Will you be able to have a live stream when she "settles" in? Hope so. Thabnks again for posting. Miss chatting with you and seeing PPO, Poppa, and babies. PattiinVA

  3. Hi Tracy, Allan, and PPO!
    Sounds like love is in the air...or should I say the alternate pot plant? - haha!
    I think it's wonderful news that the developer is reading your website. Lets hope that they are eco-conscious and will decide to leave the wetlands in their natural state for all the beautiful creatures that call it home. Keep up the good work - we're all very proud of you.
    I can't wait to see PPO sitting on her eggs plus see another vantage point of your soon to be taken over balcony ;*))
    All the best,

  4. Hi Tracy,
    This is my second attempt to post a message here. Sometimes it works and somtimes it doesn't. I am delighted about the interest in your site and our support for the wetlands. Surely there is room on our planet for all creatures, great and small, winged, four-legged, two-legged and other. We humans don't need to have buildings and houses everywhere.

    As for PPO - she has decided she'd like a change of view - tired of the "same-old-same-old" outlook. Or perhaps it is easier to move house than to redecorate. Whatever, I am delighted that she and Pappa are thinking about returning for another season. What fun we shall have watching them! I'll tune in earlier this year - I only arrved when they were all hatched and getting adventurous. I wonder how our Teeny Tiny Owlet is?

    All shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well (Julian of Norwich)

  5. Tracy, so great to hear from you and all of PPO's happenings. I can't wait to read more in the coming weeks! I am very glad that the developers of the wetlands are reading this and taking very serious what the implications are if the development continues. Talk to you soon ! jodimaher

  6. Thanks so much, Tracy and Allan, for updating on developers and the wetland. So glad we can hope and the petition worked. This blog is something precious-- I'm proud to be here with you all! :)
    PPO is changing her mind, so we have to follow her instinct..