Tuesday, June 28, 2011

28 June

As you can imagine, we are still thrilled about the decision to not allow a development in the wetland. This morning I did a talk on "Pot Plant Owl". The best news I could tell the audience was the latest news about the wetland.

We're exhibiting at the Bryanston Organic Market this Thursday 30th June and Saturday 2nd July. If anyone is interested in getting information about protecting our natural heritage, please visit our stand.

Pappa and Pot Plant Owl visited us in the early hours of this morning. They spent quite a while hooting softly (for them) on the balcony. It was lovely hearing them again.


  1. Congratulations, I am so glad for you and the owls that the Wetlands have been saved. Looking forward to our cam coverage. Blessings, Janet

  2. Great news about the decision on the wetland. Well done Alan and Tracy for fighting so hard. It seems that PPO and Pappa came home to celebrate with you on Tuesday night :-) They were giving you hoots of thanks! Janet, UK