Sunday, August 21, 2011

21 August and the weather's getting warmer...

Like two sentinels, Pot Plant Owl and Pappa stood on either end of the neighbour's roof watching over the nest site. Still, silent outlines caught my eye as I drew the curtains closed. I watched them for a while at their guard post, neither one of them moving.

At this stage, the pot plant is still not a nest as Pot Plant Owl has not laid any eggs yet. It's a 'nest-in-waiting', and we are all anxious to be witness to the arrival of PPO's chicks.

Wish I could predict a date...


  1. Perhaps Mr & Mrs don't want things too tidy! A good sign that they had a 'party'...maybe now they will get down to some serious egg laying business, weather permitting.
    Thanks as always for the updates...we PPO lovers are anxious along with you!

  2. I know with eagles and hawks, they often want the nest to look 'lived in'. They often bring green leaves to make it look occupied.

  3. Party owls!! I'm watching carefully and can't wait!

  4. King Cricket Cocktails?