Tuesday, August 23, 2011

23 August and windy city...

It's blowing gales outside. Dust is coming in under the doors; windows shudder alarmingly under the force of the wind. PPO's tree is bending like a reed, and I fear it will snap at any moment.

No sign of Pot Plant Owl or Pappa today. Wise move laying low now.

We tested the webcam and infrared light. Everything is working well. All we need now is some little owls to watch...


  1. Hi Tracy,

    You talk about infrared cam. Do you know the must now for owl cam is low light cam as on the molly site so you can see at night the owls in color.

  2. As it isn't an owlbox but an open nest maybe the use of a low light cam would not be prudent because it requires the use of a spotlight.