Thursday, August 25, 2011

25 August and any day now...

The wind has died down, and the owls returned to the balcony last night. More mess 'n fuss, but no PPO sitting on an egg when we woke this morning.

A comment was made about my use of the term 'infrared' light in yesterday's blog. I am not in charge of the lighting (thankfully! I am likely to do something dangerously wrong). Rest assured that people more adept with lighting have overseen the set up. Apparently, these lights are LED lights - not the heat generating lights as used in the medical field. As far as I am aware, Africam is pleased with the lighting that is ready to go on the nesting site. Hope that addresses any concerns.

Come on PPO - we are all waiting to see you again...


  1. Yes I talked about LED cam but I had forgotten the technical term.

  2. Hi Friends! I am looking forward to seeing Pappa and PPO (plus eggs?) :) again.
    Hang on tight PPO until that wind slows down, we want you to have a pleasant laying experience!
    xoxoxoxoxox all,
    Sarah / mrshb