Friday, January 18, 2013

16 January and we're staying put...

It seems Azizi is quite happy with balcony life.

Our chick has its own personal space to explore to its hearts content. Food is delivered at regular intervals (although I'm sure there are times when Azizi feels that food deliveries could increase). And Azizi has a fabulous view of its surrounds, and soon-to-be hunting ground. With all of this, why would Azizi leave?

Personally, I am thankful that we have a chick this year prepared to wait a bit, before tumbling off the balcony. Other chicks in the past have taken the leap of faith long before they were as competant as Azizi appears to be, and they have ended up in all sorts of bother.

We might even find a situation this year of our Azizi being 'forced' to leave by its parents of the chick looks to be settling down too much on the balcony.

Till then, we enjoy every day!


  1. No complaints here. We welcome every extra day the owlet stays on the balcony for us to watch. Better for it to perfect flying competence there too although parents will eventually withhold food so she/he will come out and learn to hunt if the owlets doesn't do so on its own. I imagine it will be nice for you to get your balcony back for at least of the summer.

  2. Thank you, Tracy, for keeping us informed in such a lovely style.
    It seemed to me that yesterday Azizi was watching the fabulous view of the surroundings of your place with longing to join her parents... to explore more...