Monday, January 21, 2013

Azizi's wings

Last night we caught a glimpse of a superb flying effort by Azizi. Our chick flew straight across the road and landed on a complex wall nearby. Half an hour later, Azizi flew back to our complex - this time, landing in the neighbour's garden. For a while after the great flying show, we heard Azizi's loud hissing calls - begging for food from its parents.

PPO and Pappa obliged with some food deliveries that we spotted in the dark. At one point, we thought we saw Azizi on a rooftop. The owl on the roof looked small and didn't have quite the same silhouette as PPO and Pappa usually do. A second or two passed before the owl flew off the roof, and headed back over the road.

The neighbour's garden became quiet - no hissing at all. PPO and Pappa weren't around either so we suspect that our gut feel was correct - it was Azizi on the rooftop, and our chick really did fly!

Our suspicions were confirmed early this morning when we woke to see three owls flying from rooftop to rooftop. The owls were heading in the direction of their usual roosting spot (where Pappa sleeps when PPO is here with us).

We took a walk around the neighbourhood but couldn't locate the owls. This is wonderful news because it indicates that Azizi is strong enough to fly onto a wall or into a tree to protect itself.

Well done PPO and Pappa - you raised a wonderful, healthy chick!

To dear Azizi: we know that you are in excellent hands and have wonderful, caring parents. Make them proud as you find your own way through this special thing that we call Life.

We will miss you!


  1. Very sincere thanks,dear Tracy, soooooo appreciated information! This little cuty has captured my heart, all of us, to tears. Blessings! :)

  2. Hi Tracey! I can not believe just how fast this little one grew up and took off... maybe it is me!! That precious little face did capture my heart and I thought I might see more of Thanks for a great job once again and with my goodbyes are tears until next season..Your friend and supporter, Lori

  3. Hi Tracy,
    Wow, Azizi sure grew up quickly! Thanks for all you do for the PPO/Papa family and this owl loving family that they attracted to your door step. I know you will keep an eye out for our Azizi. Please keep us posted on any news. Thanks again for sharing all of this with us! <3 jogulrich

  4. Hi Tracy & Allan,
    Thank you for this little update. It is so great to hear our sweet Azizi can really fly and be safe with PPO and Pappa as they continue to care for and teach their owlet to hunt on it's own.
    Thank you so much again for sharing these last weeks with us. Just wondering if you might have a little good bye get together chat? Also wondering, Tracy, if you can please keep us posted about the big run you are participating in.
    joanne51 in Vancouver, British Columbia/Canada :0)

  5. Thanks to all of chatters - owlet and Nature carers, its good to know that you are! Tracy&Alan, thanks and -keep an eye out for our Azizifor me too!

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  8. Hi As I have miss-givings about social networks I don't do Facebook etc, but rely on your blog spot here to keep up with events. Have I been left behind by technology or are you still going to be doing this blog.
    Many thanks
    Graham T