Monday, January 14, 2013

14 January and someone put on the brakes...

I'm going grey overnight. Last night our dear sweet stinker chick, Azizi, flew straight from the nest to the table on our balcony. It then flew perfectly from the table to the balcony pillar, and back again. It continued flying short bursts until Azizi found itself in the old pot plant nest. A few minutes later, the chick was on the other balcony pillar and out of cam sight. I then had to check frequently that our chick was still on the pillar, and hadn't fallen into the garden, or worse still, the neighbour's driveway.

Things haven't changed much today. I thought Azizi would be tuckered out from all the activity last night, but I'm proven wrong - yet once again.

Azizi's antics today began early. First it stood on the lip of the pot preening itself and looking around for something to 'attack'. Then it tried hopping into the nest, fighting with the leaves and branches as it forced its tail feathers into the pot (the chick was head-standing trying to squeeze its way in). The chick soon hopped on the floor and spied the parrot's jungle gym. Azizi tried to land on the gym - unsuccessfully - and 'beak snapped' the parrot's gym - telling the gym off for causing its fall. Finally, our stinker flopped face-down onto the floor of the balcony next to the pot plant nest, and fell asleep.

I'm exhausted just watching Azizi...


  1. Thank you, Tracy! for your report,so good to hear about Azizi's activities as so little can be seen on webcam.

  2. So funny Tracy! You know, a dramatic white streak and be quite attractive!!!