Friday, January 11, 2013

11 January and there's trouble brewing...

Azizi is charging around like there's no tomorrow.

Last night our chick jumped, hopped, pounced, 'flew' (well, flapped its wings in real likeness) and caused me much anxiety by insisting on standing on the balcony railing in the strong wind.

Tonight, it's PPO's turn to stand on the balcony railing, as a big storm approaches. I hope our little Azizi doesn't get any ideas to join its mom.

I guess one can't blame Azizi for exploring. After all, there's lots this chick hasto learn before making its own way out in the 'real' world. And let's face it - who can get upset with this...


  1. Dear Tracy and Allan, looking into these eyes must make worth all the worrying and anxiety. It is so cool they tolerate and let you live you on their premessis ;-)

  2. Tracy, oh, I can imagine that you have tough time now- as your heart is day-and-night beeting for little naughty Azizi... By the way, what was the bird that pushed down Azizi, ? Does it hurt baby? Or it was just slip-up? Thank you for yiur beautiful stories and photos!

    1. Dear whiteflower, the owls you see in that video are Pappa and PPO. Azizi is out of camera-sight. Pappa hands/beaks over prey to PPO, she flies presumable to Azizi, and when she comes back she and Pappa disappear in the night again.