Saturday, September 25, 2010

Friday 24 September

A rather disruptive day for Pot Plant Owl.

We had the experts from Africam here to assist with getting the new webcam installed. This entailed a lot of activity near the nest area so she was constantly alert.

In the late afternoon, Allan sets out on the balcony to drill holes for the webcam. Pot Plant Owl remains in the nest sitting on her chicks, as Allan makes his way out on the balcony. I remain inside to monitor Pappa's movements. Allan asks me to fetch something inside. My head is turned away from Pappa on the far roof for 10 second and when I turn back, I hear a 'strong word' from Allan. I look up to see a trickle of blood running down his back. Within seconds the trickle of blood is joined by a few more trickles and soon his whole back is streaks of blood. Pappa flew in and zapped Allan on the head with his sharp talons - puncturing his head in a few places. I can't believe an owl can do so much damage.

I join Al on the balcony under the umbrella, and he finishes what he needs to, without further incidences.

Throughout this whole ordeal, Pot Plant Owl remains on the chicks in her nest.

Tomorrow night we have to drill two more holes, and then that's all done. The webcam is up and people can start watching it.


  1. Wow Allan and Trace, so nice to see that these birds have become a part of your house and its the 4rd year running! They seem as comfortable as ol furniture! Loving the updates! Hope to see you guys soon!

  2. wow this is so beautiful!! really nice! i'm al little bit jalouse ;-) in Holland we have from 1maart it starts again, now you can see the old movies. we heave a oehoe there to!!

  3. This is very nice!! An owl at your balcony, very rare. I read this is the 4rd year? I'm from Holland and just like Danielle said we are following on a Barn Owl( Kerkuil), a Eagle Owl(Oehoe) an the most famous is the Little Owl (Steenuil). From 1 March to 30 June we will be able to follow the birds in their nest. Thank you very much that we can look at the OWL on your balcony