Monday, September 6, 2010

Saturday 5 September

Not much to report over the last few days. The owls have fitted into a predictable routine, not unlike us humans I suppose.
During the day, not much happens. In fact, I believe that this year, Pot Plant Owl is much more relaxed. She seems to sleep more during the day than the previous 2 years. I often peep through the curtains and watch her while she sleeps. She doesn't seem to sense I'm there, or if she does, she is completely relaxed and doesn't bat an eyelid (literally).
At night, Pappa's cries can be heard getting louder and louder, until he's on the rooftop nearby watching the nest. Pot Plant Owl leaves to stretch her wings and this is usually the time Pappa remains on guard duty.
Just before sunrise every day, I hear Pappa's hooting. Sometimes it wakes me. Most of the time, the call weaves into my dream and I don't stir. Hearing Pappa just before he goes to sleep, comforts me. I know he survived another night in suburbia with manic drivers, poisoned rats and other nasties.
On the subject of rats: Please don't use rat poisons! The rats die and often owls like the Spotted Eagle Owls will catch them just as they are dying, and they get sick or die themselves. Encourage insects into your garden by planting indigenous trees. Spotties are primarily insectivorous, and if they see your garden is full of insects (Parktown prawns etc), they may well come and hunt there. And if any rats are stupid enough to venture out with owls about, good luck to them.

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