Friday, September 17, 2010

Thursday 16 September

Thanks to the joys of Telkom internet services, we've had no connectivity to the net for days now. But you'll be pleased to know that you've missed nothing - the paint is still drying (almost there), and no news to report.

We've just fixed a few branches to the side of the ballustrade to give Pot Plant Owl extra shade. She watched from the neighbour's roof - not worried at all. In fact, although we had our umbrella open and ready, we didn't even need to stand under it for protection. Both owls allowed us to water all the plants on the balcony - including the side of the nest pot plant. Still 3 eggs - it must be any day now.

The webcam is up, and we are monitoring everything from our laptop. As soon as we are streaming live, I'll give you all the details. The webcam is positioned on the wall near the nest, looking down into it. When Pot Plant Owl moves, you can actually see the eggs underneath her, and watch as she plays 'football' with the eggs and moves them to a different position. The first glimpses of the chicks from the webcam's position will be amazing.

Still looking for nominations for schools to receive copies of our book, Pot Plant Owl, for libraries or classrooms. Please email them nominations to:

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  1. Thanks so much for the blog update Allan & Tracy - I am excited over the next coming phases :-)