Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wednesday 22 September

It's all happening now. We have three tiny chicks, and proud parents (all 4 of them / us).

Allan got a few great pics just now of the 3 chicks in the nest, when Pot Plant Owl left to get food. I watered the plants under the watchful eye of Pappa, and I even managed to water the far side of the nest.

To be inches away from these precious little things and not pick them up and hold them, is proving my restraint training in Life. It is also teaching me to 'let Nature be' - something I can't seem to do if I see animals or birds in need of my help (or what I perceive to me my help anyway).

Secured extra shade cloth to the side of the balustrading - we can't have these little chicks pushing themselves through and falling off the balcony. Been there, done that last year, and it was a nightmare.

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