Friday, September 14, 2012

13 September and we meet Pappa face-to-face

We had to do it. The plants on the balcony were drooping, and the night light was pointing in the wrong direction. So under our trusty old umbrella, we ventured out onto the balcony - and came face-to-face with glaring Pappa.

Pappa is a handsome owl. This year I've noticed that the white chin Pappa sports is even more pronounced and regal-looking. But he's anything but regal or handsome when he's directly above your head with a frown on his face, as he's watching your every move. It's a little intimidating to say the least.

Needdless to say, we were in and out off that balcony - their balcony - within minutes. Night light tweaked, plants water (not PPO's nest though) and a ponder over how to move the microphone that is stuck fast to the railing.

I've never known any handymen to work as quickly as we have to under the watchful eye of our dear Pappa.

Anyone want to hire Pappa?


  1. I have no doubt they still see you as a threat,but do you think they are more tolerant of you than they used to be?
    Am I ok asking questions here rather than comments?
    Many thanks

    1. Sure you can ask questions here, Graham.
      Yes, we are still seen as threats albeit 'good' threats. For the past 4 years, my husband and I have both been hit on the head by either Pappa or PPO when we have done something silly like walk out into our garden at night without realising that the chicks have left the balcony and are running around the garden.
      We prefer it this way. It means we have succeeded thus far in not habituating the owls to us humans. There are a lot of owl superstitions and owls are persecuted because of them. So this is our way of trying to help them keep their fear of humans - even if it is painful for us!

  2. Hire Pappa? Me me me me me!!! Still waiting for my attic window frames to be repainted :-)
    Actually, sooo glad to hear he is watching over his family -- and yours!

  3. Just came across this in looking for a place where I might have an encounter with an owl and it sounds wonderful as are you for preserving the natural balance. I so envy you living side by side respectfully with these beautiful creatures. Peace to you my friend!