Thursday, September 20, 2012

20 September and time to reflect

I remember the day Pot Plant Owl arrived like it was yesterday. We woke up one morning late August to a noise on our balcony that is off our bedroom. I pushed open the curtains to see who was making the racket, and there she was...

This beautiful, alert owl stared straight at me. She was standing in the pot plant facing my direction and when she saw me, she set those piercing eyes on me. I was mesmerised.

Now, five years on, PPO and Pappa are as much a part of the family as our pets are. She's been nesting with us for 20 days this season and yet I've hardly spent much time 'with' her. Work is busy. New puppy demands a lot of attention. Our own parrot is laying copious amounts of eggs for the first time ever this year. All of these things could be valid excuses for spending less time 'with' PPO.

But, in truth, they are not good enough reasons at all. Especially when dealing with wildlife whose very existance hangs tenuously in the balance in an urban environment especially.

So I'm taking a step back to the start of this wonderful story that began five years ago. I'm going to remind myself each and every day why Pot Plant Owl and Pappa are so special, starting with the first 'Good Morning Mommy' greeting that I say to PPO.

And, not only am I going to spend less time answering the work phone (sorry Al) and more time sitting watching PPO from the makeshift 'hide', I am going to go back to five years ago.

When there was no-one else watching, we sat for hours on the patio below watching the owls fly around above our heads.
When there was no-one else listening, we switched off our tv and listened to the hoots and calls of the owl family.
When there was no-one else writing, I recorded every little detail - day in, and day out - not wanting to miss a single minute.

If you are watching the cam or reading the blog, I'd like to suggest that you try to do it like we did five years ago.

With no expectation. Just to sit back and watch / read / listen and let the owls share their story.

Speaking of story, we remain at the 'paint-drying' section of PPO's incubation period. It's long and tiring and boring - for her and for us. She really appears to be more content in her new pot plant this year - especially at midday when the sun is set high in the sky, and she's still got a good cover protecting her from the heat. Hang in there, Mamma - not long to go!


  1. What a story!
    Never tired to hear and to think about.
    PPO, her eyes in yours, is great!
    Your talent in telling us your own feelings is as well.

  2. The owls are beautiful...This is my 3rd year of keeping track of the family through your blog and now the web cam...which is fantastic. I love watching Momma...I could sit and watch her for ages. Even when she just sits in the same position. Thanks for all you have done.

    1. Thank you for continuing to watch - you'll be an SEO expert soon! Take care


    1. You're welcome Richard - thanks for taking the time to enjoy the owls

  4. Hi Tracy.

    I enjoy the blog updates. I'm thinking of attending the International Owl Festival again next year. I'm glad you were able to attend to receive your award.

    Maxine (I live near Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

    1. Hi Maxine! Good to hear from you! I'm super jealous that you may attend the festival again. Hope all is well with you? Take care, PPO Human

  5. Watching PPO and Pappa is a gift. What you and Alan do in telling us about them is remarkable and more appreciated than you will ever know :).