Wednesday, September 26, 2012

25 September and Pappa is on the warpath

Pappa is on the warpath. Dogs, cats, and anything that even remotely looks like it may 'attack' the nest, have become his target.

'Really Pappa? Dogs climbing up onto the 1st floor balcony to get to your eggs?' But however hard I try to reason with Pappa, he doesn't seem to listen.Pappa is hell-bent on clearing the area of 'unwanteds' and being the good protector that he is.

Our puppy Destin almost became his new target. Destin stepped out of the house on his way to 'help' Allan gets veggies from the veggie patch. Pappa swooped in and was almost at point of contact when Destin saw him and yelped. Pappa swerved and flew to the rooftop and Destin bolted back inside.

We checked Destin all over and there were no marks on him, so he got off lightly. It's highlighted the need to keep Destin indoors at night and to let him out when we are both around to watch him on his potty breaks. Destin, of course, is not the least bit fazed by this arrangement, as he remains a very lucky sofa / couch dog at night.

PPO is more alert when I say hello to her. She is also getting ready to 'protect at all costs' if she has to. I can almost see her expression change from 'Oh, it's you again' (before she looks away) to 'Don't even think about it!' (as she keeps a close eye on me at the window).

Not long to go and things become more exciting!


  1. Surely Destin deserves to have his picture displayed - while he's still in one piece ;-) Sorry, bad joke. Seriously, it's lovely to see Mama PPO sitting steadfastly on her eggs, she hardly moves a muscle for long periods.

    I'm sure you told us when hatching is due but can't remember - is it the first week in October?

    Keep well, Tracy, Allan, Destin, Parrot and any other Eccles family members :-*

  2. how lovely you are telling the story thank you ever so as it brings it all to life ,just a shame she decided to change pots but that is life,just hope Destin is careful Destin is destiny in French right ?? thank you for sharing it gives me something to look forward to take care