Monday, September 17, 2012

14 September and the music plays on

Johnny Clegg's music is ringing in my ears. After watching his fabulous concert tonight, I'm feeling more inspired and excited. It took all my effort (and a lot of sitting on my hands) to make the first half of the show seated like the rest of the audience. It all became too much in the second half, and I stood up and danced. And soon, many others joined me.

What does Johnny Clegg and his music have to do with 'our' owls?

Apart from the obvious lyrics about Zulu culture and traditions in the music that link to owls ('I heard the owl calling my name'), there is also another thread running through.

When you take the time to learn about another culture(as the white South African boy from Apartheid years in South Africa, Johnny, did in learning all about the Zulu culture), you form a deeper understanding of the culture, its people, and its role in society. The bond that now links you to this culture is one of compassion and care, and I believe it is only once we feel this connection, can we truthfully say that we understand the people of that culture.

The same can be said of any living creature -like owls. If we take the time to watch them, learn about them, look past any odd behaviours or appearances, reserve judgement and accept them for the whole, balanced creatures that they are, we form a greater appreciation for them. We learn to understand them, and in doing so, we see their perfect beauty.

I love Johnny Clegg and his music, for he has reminded me of this tonight.

And I thank you all for taking the time to learn and watch 'our' owls.


  1. You are right! Johnny Clegg is GREAT! Listen:

  2. "We learn to understand them, and in doing so, we see their perfect beauty."

    Thank you Tracy, that's right, wise and absolutely beautiful.

  3. Thank you for this blog with so much information.
    Since I have watched the webcam last year, I began to love owls. The little owlets calling for food with a little hoooo, this sounds so cute.