Wednesday, December 19, 2012

19 Dec and sound is on....

Stop for a minute and think what your life would be like without sound. Perhaps you already know what this feels like. Perhaps you have loved ones who can't hear. Perhaps your hearing is failing you.

I know that sometimes I take the act of listening to sounds for granted. And sometimes I even get irritated by a particular sound. But how would I feel if I didn't have the luxury of listening to a gentle, soothing sound? Or even the luxury of experiencing an annoying sound?

The sound for the webcam was fixed today and it's all systems go. I'm again reminded about the importance of appreciating every sense that we are blessed with - for however long. It gives me true happiness to read messages from folks around the world excited about hearing PPO and her family again - something that I take for granted.

There will be a few people tonight eagerly awaiting Pappa's robust hooting, or the sweet hissing sound from the chicks. I look forward to 'hearing' all the reports soon.

Till then, let me pause for a minute and say THANK YOU for the gremlins that crept into the old microphone and forced a momentary sound break. It's allowed me to appreciate the act of hearing again, and I am all the better for it.

Visit, close your eyes and really listen...

1 comment:

  1. Oh Tracy, you are such a role-model, I wish I had such a positive mental attitude ;-)

    As I type, the cam is down - I shall savour the anticipation of its recovery, as recover it surely will!