Sunday, December 9, 2012

9 Dec and the family are doing well

In typical PPO fashion, we were only allowed a brief glance at the chicks during the day. Pot Plant Owl manouvered her chicks to face away from the window, and spread out her wings in protection.

I believe that yesterday's sighting, with the opportunity of a few photographs, was PPO's way of saying "See - all is well now" but after that, protective mom gene kicks in again, and the chicks are covered up during the day.

At night we saw the two bundles of white fluff when PPO left the nest. Their eyes are closed and their tiny black beaks open and shut, waiting for food. At this stage, they are moving around like small snakes in the grass - wriggling around.

Pappa is very proud of his new family. He stood on the neighbour's roof and hooted his sentiments for a long period of time. PPO left the chicks alone for a few minutes, before returning to keep them warm.

In my sleep, I vaguely hear Pappa hooting once as he lands on the balcony railing with another meal for his family.


  1. Hi I am so delighted with the news and look forward to seeing them when the cam is up and running. Thanks for keeping us up to date.

  2. Webcam is on now! Thanks a lot! With love to PPO and Papa's nice family!

  3. Tracy and Allan--

    Just to reinforce what your site statistics are probably showing you, people far away are delighted and overjoyed to hear about--and see-- the new family. Thanks so much for keeping us informed!

  4. Thank you, and congratulations all round :-*

  5. Many excited chatters today watching cam and PPO gave us long looks at babies leaving for 34 min and about 15 min in succession just after sunset. Lots of happy PPO fans around the world. Thanks for getting cam up and running so quickly Tracy.