Saturday, December 29, 2012

29 December and our family is strong

Our little chick is coming along very well. Each day it appears to grow inches in front of our eyes. Yesterday, I noticed the start of the false ear tufts growing which, at this time, resemble tiny cottonballs stuck onto its head.

The most noticeable development in a new owl chick appears in the face. From a young age, the chicks take on 'Mini Adult' faces - the sharp, black beak; the dark patches around the eyes; the piercing stare. When the chick opens it wings, you notice how quickly the owl wings are developing too.

Here's a picture taken this morning:


  1. So nice picture! Tanks, Tracy, very much for keeping us in touch of PPOs family life...

  2. Thank you Tracy, glad this little one is doing well and growing fast. Thanks infinitely for all you all do for PPO and family - Happy New Year to all there!

  3. Incredible - thanks for sharing!