Monday, December 17, 2012

PPO's nest

When people are chatting on the Africam chat site while they are watching the live webcam, I often get asked where the pot plant is. Here's a picture that explains PPO's chosen nesting spot better.

PPO is in a pot plant that is in the right hand corner of our balcony - one storey up. Her original pot plant nest is in the far left hand corner. The angled facebrick wall that you see to the bottom left of the pictures is the border of our house. Directly behind it is another garden with a gate resting against the wall - that is the neighbour's house.

For those who watched the webcam last year, you will remember when a chick got stuck between electric fencing - that is where you can see the house at the back of the picture.

You can see a children's house with a bright yellow roof - that is Yapz's garden. The tree on the far right of the picture marks the saved wetland.

As you can see, we put perches up around the pot plant nest to allow Pappa to deliver the food to his family. This he does frequently throughout the night and early morning. In another few days, you will also see PPO standing on one of these perches because there will not be enough space in the pot plant for her and her growing chicks.

You can also see soil lying on the balcony floor - that is not us being messy! That is PPO and / or Pappa doing a little bit of 'house cleaning' themselves.


  1. Thanks for this wide pic of the nest, it really helps to understand the surroundings -- and to see the famous electric fence lol.

    Btw: Do you have any thoughts as to why PPO chose a different pot this time around? She is very well camouflaged here, you have to look twice to see if she's home! I guess I answered my own question :)

    Thanks again <3

    1. Tracy, have you picked out names yet? Looks like the little single ball of fluff has finally separated into two distinguishable owlets!