Monday, September 12, 2011

12 September and miles away

Now I understand the frustration that PPO followers feel when they cant see the live stream. Here I sit hundreds of Kilometres away in France, trying to access the chat and live streaming sites to check in on PPO and make sure everything is okay.

I wont bore you with the finer details suffice to say that a comedy of errors has led to me logging in on the internet in some dodgy hotel in France, desperately trying to learn the new key placings on the European style keyboards before my time runs out. The wine is good but the access to flash sites and live steaming is non-existant.

I trust PPO is doing well and I cant begin to say how excited I am to be seeing the owl family soon.

I will be back on Usteam live chat this Thursday - look forward to chatting then.


  1. Hi tracy

    You are perhaps fallen in some dodgy hotel but do not generalize. Here in Brittany,France I have unlimited adsl 30 mega for 25 euros. Yes I know I live in city and not in a vineyard.

    I watched the live on the internet of the marathon du médoc hoping to see you but I haven't seen you. I see yours placings 5157th for Allan and 6065th for you, I am not stayed to this time.
    At least it means you have taken advantage of the tasting and the buffet : perhaps oysters, ham or the beef ( no you are vegan ), cheese ( no you are allergic ) and sorbet.

    Bon retour et à jeudi.

  2. HI Tracey!!!!! All is well with PPO and Pappa!!! We are all watching everyday and enjoying every minute!!! Waiting like expecting parents for around the first part of Oct to see a baby!!! Will be so fun to talk with you again on Thurs!!! Caboval

  3. Hi Tracy,
    Great to hear from you! Hope you had fun in the marathon and are enjoying France!
    Just a quick word of advice if you can get the Ustream site, but chat refuses to come up. (Grr! LOL) Click on "Pop out" with the little arrow right next to the chat button. It almost always works :-)
    I'll be out on Thurs., but hope to chat with you the next time!
    Kristin aka knaz