Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun words

South Africa is a country with 11 official languages. Pot PLant Owl followers cover the length and breadth of our country, and around the world too. It is fitting, therefore, to have a little fun in this incubation period by learning a few South African language words and phrases. We've been chatting on Ustream and introducing words, and I promised a list of those we've used so far - here it is:

South African Words

Greetings What it means
Sawubona Hello (Zulu)
Yebo Sawubona Reply Hello (Zulu)
Lekker Slaap Sleep well (Afrikaans)
Hamba Kahle Go well (Zulu)
Sala Kahle Stay well (Zulu)
Dankie Thank you (Afrikaans)
Aikona No (Zulu)
Yebo Yes (Zulu)
Pragtige uil Lovely owl (Afrikaans)

I'll keep on updating this list as we chat more.


  1. pragtige uil looks like prachtige uil ;-)
    lekker slaap looks like slaap lekker ;-)
    thats dutch hihi. i keep waiting till the eggs hatch :D

  2. Dankie Tracy, and this is fun!!!

  3. The african language is almost the same as Dutch. It is more "basic". For me is it a funny language. It makes me smile ;-)