Friday, September 16, 2011

15 September PM

You know the expression 'dog tired'? That's how I felt getting into bed this evening after a trip overseas and a long flight home. And the only thing keeping me awake was an annoyingly loud yapping dog next door. The kind of persistent yapping hour after hour that starts to sound like a jack hammer against a hard surface. Even in my tired state, the irony of the situation was not lost on me.

Just as I was about to do something about the yapping, Pappa beat me to it. I didn't see what happened, but here's what I heard:

Dog: yap yap yap yap YELP (silence)
Seconds later
Pappa on balcony: hoot hoot to PPO
Rest of the evening (at least until I fell asleep about 5 minutes later): silence

I'm sure the dog is fine - a little startled by the silent 'attack' from Pappa. I have been on the receiving end myself and know how quickly and silently the owls fly. As an animal lover, I dislike any animal / bird being hurt so I would'nt encourage Pappa to do that again - even if I could. Although, if ask me again when I am dog-tired, perhaps you will get a different answer...


  1. O M G !!! Tracey!!!!!! I was wondering..... I cant belive it!!! Caboval

  2. Tracy, the chatters heard Pappa hooing, then the yelp, and we wondered if Pappa showed his talons! I think Pappa was taking care of u to...knowing u needed rest, as well as PPO. Glad u r home! kznco

  3. Good for Pappa! We were thinking that dog must keep the whole neighborhood awake! Very glad you're back! knaz

  4. Hi Tracy,

    I'm glad you had a great time in France and that you're back home safe and sound.


  5. Hi Tracy&Allan! Welcome back! :)
    My envy of you for having such guests/friends like PPO&Pappa are is fairly growing up! I've nothing against dogs, generally it's their owners' fault if they keep people awake in the night.
    I think Pappa did a great job for his and your family-- somehow he maybe adopted you and why not to show his mighty talons when needed ?! :D