Friday, September 30, 2011

30 September and Pappa is doing a good job...

I've picked up a nasty stomach bug - the kind that creeps up on you in the night and leaves your system upside down by morning. Today I decided to spend a couple of hours dozing in bed, hoping it will take the 'nasty' away.

You have all experienced at some time, that peaceful state somewhere between full alertness, deep sleep and waking up. The state where everything connects and appears as One. The state where no worries creep in, no illness is known, no care for what tomorrow brings - just a peaceful, easy state of mind.

I believe that this is where animals exist - in fact, all life forms apart from Humans. Animals have the ability to communicate with one another trans-species. We know this to be true in times of natural disasters, where it is the animals and birds that sense what is about to happen and make decisions accordingly.

At times, there are Human Beings that can cosistently 'tap' into this state of peacefulness, of Oneness, and communicate with animals. Look at Dolphin and Horse Whisperers as an example. And the person that can 'cure' your pet from an unattractive or unwanted behaviour - just by spending time with them.

Anyway, today, as I lay in my bed about to wake up, yet still in that peaceful state, I heard a strong voice. Instantly, my mind 'boxed' the voice and told me it was the neighbour's child-minder. This voice said loudly and clearly:
"Pappa, you are doing a good job. Pappa"

I called Allan and asked if he had heard the voice, or could see the lady next door. He had been by an open window downstairs, right in the direction of the neighbour, and had heard nothing. I asked Allan to look for Pappa - thinking that he may be on a perimeter wall nearby. Alaln looked everywhere and couldn't see Pappa. Allan also reminded me that the neighbours don't call Pappa by his name - he is the 'male owl' or just the 'owl'

I started to doubt, not what I had heard, but where it was coming from.
Perhaps it the last figment of a dream I was having about the owls.
Perhaps it was just something my mind would say, so I 'heard' something that wasn't said.

Bot maybe, just maybe, it was taping into the peaceful state of Oneness, and my voice telling Pappa that he was doing a good job.

Whatever the reason, or how it came about, the message to me is very clear:

We always talk about Pot Plant Owl and how good she is to sit on the eggs and protect them and keep them warm. Now it is time, just before the eggs hatch, to acknowledge the work that Pappa does.

Without Pappa's constant protection and food-hunting, none of this would be possible.

"Pappa, you are doing a good job. Pappa"


  1. Great post Tracy! Take care, and I hope you feel better soon!

  2. "...tapping into the peaceful state of oneness." I understand....and agree :). Pappa IS doing a great job, quietly, efficiently and as nature dictates.

  3. Tracy, I love your words and thoughts and agree as well. I needed time to understand how important is the tiercsls' job, how patient they are with their often bossy ladies..
    Yes, Pappa, you are doing a good job, faithful and indispensable.
    Take care and be well!

  4. Tracy, The energy of your words is so easily felt. Dream symbols help you look at the very thought patterns that are governing your life. The chid-minder is symbolic of your inner child, the need to nurture & care for it. The owl of course is wisdom; ability to see with clarity in the dark or recognize unknown parts of self. So nurture yourself :)

  5. Such a moving post; this one brought tears to my eye - happy tears! Yes, Pappa you are doing a good job! Take care and feel better soon Tracy... knaz

  6. What a blogger you are ! Your words ease the life of every day.
    Take care of you and come back to us soon.

  7. Being the Mom of 3 sons and no daughters it has been my experience that the male species NEVER gets enough credit. Pappa is awesome

  8. Tracy, what a beautiful post! Your words are so clear and move me to tears. I feel like I'm right there looking out on your balcony watching this creation of the new family brood. Yes, I agree that Pappa is wise and doing a very good job.

  9. Tracy,

    YOU are the Owl Whisperer!