Wednesday, September 5, 2012

05 September and we have two eggs

Pot Plant Owl has settled down nicely in her new pot plant nest. I say 'Good Morning' to her - like I always have - and give her a wink. She looks at me, recognises my voice, and gives me a wink back, before returning to what she does best at this time - sleeping.

At 18h00 I heard Pappa calling from his roosting spot nearby, and PPO moved out of the nest and onto the balcony railing.

We got a peak into the nest and we now have two eggs in the pot plant.

It was funny to watch Pappa when he flew onto the balcony. He hopped straight into the old nest and looked around curiously. I can't help wondering if he's not entirely happy with the change of nest, because he then stood on the lip of the old pot, hooting loudly.

I can tell when Pappa is upset about something. His face appears to almost frown and there is a distinct 'hoot' that he makes when upset - this hoot is usually reserved for interfering humans under umbrellas 'messing about' in HIS territory. Pappa kept hooting and looking into the nest, then up at PPO who was, by this time, on the neighbour's roof.

Let's hope that all goes well with the new pot - otherwise Pappa will have even more to say!


  1. Tracy you will have to start a Spotted Eagle Owl vocalization study like Karla Bloem's GHO vocalization study. I think you met her at the Int'l Owl festival last year.

  2. I just found this cam and absolutely love it. Mama is off the nest so I got a screen-shot of the 2 beautiful eggs! ~~Maureen