Saturday, October 22, 2011

22 October and two crows attack...

10:20am Central African Time: I've just witnessed two crows trying to attack PPO's nest. They flew past, spotted PPO and the chicks sitting there, and decided to swoop down.

PPO sounded her alarm call and instantly, Pappa flew to the nest to protect his family. Despite Pappa's appearance, the crows still came down low until they must have realised that their attack would be unsuccessful. After a few minutes, the crows flew off.

Pappa remained by the balcony for a while longer, looking around and hooting. He's just flown away to roost in the tree nearby.

All this occured metres from my desk, where I just 'happened' to be for a few minutes before heading out to the Market.

What an amazing display of family protection and unity!


  1. darn, i missed some great action!!

  2. How many flumps can a plump-flump flump, if a plump-flump flumps with a flump?

  3. I am not sure what happened with my 'nick', but that was me, Wolphie above.

  4. Too bad HUMAN fathers aren't all this protective!

  5. wow, you can really see the size difference between the two babies right now - and in the sun, too!