Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 16 and thank goodness for modern technology...

I must admit I was worried. From my office window, I have a perfect view of Pot Plant Owl and the nest. While I work, I sit and watch her and the chicks, and it always makes me smile.

But not this morning. This morning, something wasn't right with Pot Plant Owl. She was in the nest, making a high-pitched 'coughing' sound, and every time she did, her body jerked forward. I watch for a while hoping it would go away, but it didn't.

The big question was "What can we do?" And then the penny dropped.

We have sophisticated, modern technology set up on the balcony for viewers worldwide to watch 'our' owl family. The webcam with sound. I immediately phoned the owl expert at FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and said "Please log on and take a look and listen to PPO".

And there you have it. Moments later, from kilometres away, an expert was able to watch and listen to PPO to see if anything was wrong. By this stage, PPO's strange noises and body jerking had stopped, but she was still observed to see if she was showing any external signs of discomfort or stress.

At this stage, PPO may have a cold. We will continue to monitor all owl behaviour. The beauty about Africam's webcam technology is that it provides a means for instant observation by experts with follow-up steps if required. If PPO stops eating, then it may be something more serious.

I believe in starting the day being grateful. And this morning, I am so grateful that we have this modern technology to help 'care' for the owls. Thank you!


  1. I sincerely hope that PPO is OK. How wonderful that the expert could watch her on-line! Sending my good thoughts and prayers.
    Thank you again for sharing with us!
    purdyfarmsBecky (SPO)

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  3. As far as being grateful, all who view on Ustream, and all of wildlife are grateful to you and Allen for all you do! It is truly and honor and blessing to have gotten to know you both! You have exposed SO many, allowed SO many to view the miracle of life and in doing so, are creating an army of wildlife warriors who will do anything to protect what's left of the land being unjustly taken from our remaining wildlife!

  4. At 10 am PPO has always a cough or hiccups.

  5. Technology is truly amazing. I hope she's ok now!
    (I figured a choking-fit from food)