Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 10 - 12 October and day time viewing is getting good

3:50pm Central African Time: Pot Plant Owl is such a loving mom. I'm watching her from my desk as she preens her two chicks. The chicks are getting so big! I can't remember them growing this quickly in previous years, but they probably did.

The advice on what to do with Shelly (the unhatched egg that is in the nest): I spoke to Nicci from Freeme Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Nicci confirmed what I suspected - that it is probably best to leave the egg in the nest and let PPO decide what to do with it. When the chicks are older and away from the nest, we can remove the egg.

For those enquiries about the sandals on our Pot Plant Owl online store: I will let you know as soon as I receive word back from the USA. Hopefully I will get an answer overnight and be able to update you tomorrow.

Name-the-Chick Competition: Full details of the competition will be posted on the Africam website soon. I will also update you on my blog. Exciting opportunity for schools to get involved.


  1. Thank you! Can't wait for the contest!

  2. Hello from Chicago, Illinois! My 2nd grade students would love to participate in the contest so keep us posted! We check on PPO every day.
    Room 220 G.B.Armstrong Elementary School

  3. Tracey & Alan, I know sometimes researchers like to examine non-viable eggs for environmental purposes, and also to check on the health of the adults. You may have someone in Johannesburg area who is interested in doing just that.