Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 13 and their eyes are opening...

6:30pm Central African Time:
Allan and I have just been out onto the balcony to water the plants. The plants were crying out for water, and I haven't had a chance this week to water.

I'm holding a bucket of water and Allan is covering us both with an umbrella, as we edge our way onto the balcony. Within seconds, Pot Plant Owl makes her first attempt at an attack to get us away from her chicks. She was close, but thankfully misses us.

Pappa continues the assault at us - finally landing on the roof directly above our entrance back into our bedroom. He looks down at us and then at his chicks and hoots loudly. By this time, Pot Plant Owl has flown to the neighbour's roof and is also watching closely.

I know that have approximately 5 seconds to pour as much water into the side of the nest pot as I can without watering the chicks in the process. Longer than that, I bet another fly-ib attack will occur -and this time, they may be successful.

I start pouring water into the far side of the nest pot. And that's when I notice that the bigger chick's eyes are open. Its face looks like a miniature adult owl - a wise old owl face on a tiny, fluffy, white body. Too precious for words! The chick eyes me out and snaps its beak defiantly - proof that it can definitely see what is going on. The other chick is facing the opposite direction and buries its head into its sibling's feathers.

As I type this entry, I can hear Pot Plant Owl and Pappa having a long 'conversation' outside. By now, I do believe they understand what we are doing, but I also think they expect us to just not water the plants.

This coming week will be full of action...


  1. I watched you watering the plants and the owlets reactions were so cute! And PPO when she came back also! Can't wait for the following days, weeks, and months with them and you both!
    purdyfarmsBecky (SPO)

  2. Too funny Tracy! I was watching the umbrella, the watering, and the owlets. Heard PPO and Pappa quite close, so wondered if you were divebombed!
    Awww tiny beak snapping! Looking forward to the coming days :-)

  3. Darn, I missed that!! One of these days you're gonna have to fasten that netting better on the railing - those chicks are really growing fast!! And they are so darned adorable and fluffy - just makes me want to reach out and touch them!!


  4. I missed as well.. :/
    But your "report" is *great* (as always)!
    Thanks for sharing again and again!

  5. 17Oct11, 11:35PM, watching Pot Plant Owl feed her two babies. Is it just me or does she make sure both get fed? After watching Barn Owls for so long, with the fling it in and every man for himself approach, this is such a kinder and gentler approach. I love watching this site.

  6. Tracy,
    I had a nest of mourning doves in a pot at my house. Watering the plant one year chased the babies off the nest too early and I was devistated that I caused this. I made a remote watering system out of a 2 litre pop bottle, some aquarium tubing and a wine bottle cork. I made the tubing as long as I needed it and burned one end closed. Then with a tiny drill, I drilled holes through the hose at the end for the pot about 2" apart for about 18". I drilled a hole in the cork and inserted the open end of the hose in the cork and put the cork in the bottle. I cut the bottom of the bottle off and hung it uphill and far away from the nest. Now I water the bottle and the holes release the water into the pot!!! Voila! Hope this helps next year! You can bury the hose in the dirt so it doesn't spray the babies, too!