Friday, October 21, 2011

PM 21 October - Well done Bob!

Congrats Bob! You predicted that Friday i.e. today, will be the day when PPO spends more time out of the nest during the day than in it.

I may have guessed correctly the day when PPO would begin venturing out of the nest during the day (my prediction was Wednesday), but Bob won the bet!

Well done Bobandtheowls! I'm big enough and ugly enough to know when I am defeated.

Now what's the next challenge?

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  1. Tracy there has been some evolution of the terms of reference for the next challenge since we last talked about it.Some people have proposed the following format after thinking about it: Winner must predict the date on which one or more of the owlets first climbs or jumps up on the lip of the pot. To involve more people who might be reluctant to go out on a limb (or a pot lip)by themselves, we think it might be good to allow more than one person to pick the same date if they wish. Everyone who commits to that day would equally share the bragging rights or the humiliation of defeat depending on the outcome. Kind of like a lottery pool. Of course the first one to pick a particular date could always claim that they were first on the bandwagon, LOL. This way we would not have to all rush for a particular date on Sunday either. I would collect all the predictions and place names on a calendar which I could post where all can consult it. We should probably have a cut-off date to prevent people from waiting right up until the moment they see an owlet ready to jump. I suspect that some people may wait until you commit yourself to a date but I'm okay with that and probably you would be too since it is an expression of their confidence in you. On the other hand there are probably a few crazy individuals like me who will purposely choose a day no one else has chosen just because we are rebels. What do you think? Does it work? Everyone who has discussed this with me on chat is willing to abide with whatever rules you approve of (including your humble servant.) Let me know and we will get the show on the road, hopefully by Sunday at the latest because people are champing at the bit. A few have already put in for tentative dates while awaiting your decision.